Learning in the Open

uImagine hosted Adam Brimo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, OpenLearning as a guest presenter for our weimagine:Open season at the end of last year. OpenLearning as a platform, learning community, and business model as an education provider, is challenging the way people from all ages and backgrounds can gain access to educational opportunities. The OpenLearning philosophy, … Continue reading Learning in the Open

Open Pathways: Opportunities For All

Many of us have heard of edX, Coursera and Udemy.  There’s a world of opportunity for us to learn about almost anything, anytime, and often for free.  We have just-in-time learning, often with knowledge shared and presented by world experts, right at our fingertips, and at our convenience whether at home, the office or while … Continue reading Open Pathways: Opportunities For All

Open Practice for Inclusive and Accessible Teaching

CSU is offering new academic staff members the opportunity to undertake a module on Open Educational Practice as part of the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (GCLTHE) course.  This is now available to academics enrolled in 201930 session. As part of subject EEL521 Scholarly Learning and Teaching, participants are asked to … Continue reading Open Practice for Inclusive and Accessible Teaching

Using OERs in an open education subject: A reflection

EEL426 Adoption of Open Educational Practices was revised prior to 201890 session.   This is a 4 unit, six week subject in the Master of Leading Online, Open and Distance Education. It was paired with EEL421 Globalisation, Development and Open and Distance Learning (also revised).  Although there was a focus on higher education, students were able to … Continue reading Using OERs in an open education subject: A reflection


This post contributes to the uImagine series of blog posts for Open Education Week 2019. Translating the blog title – Frequently Asked Questions of the Digital Online Learner – here at uImagine we have affectionately called this course DOL since inception, and it is a DOL! A baby DOL, still in its infancy and getting … Continue reading FAQs of DOL

The Digital Online Learner Skills Framework

Have you heard about the ‘Get ready, get set, become a digital online learner’ free, open online course yet? This course, designed by uImagine Open Pathways team and available via the openlearning.com/csu portal, provides skills for people of all ages to learn more about how to be successful when learning online. Is this something you … Continue reading The Digital Online Learner Skills Framework