incubation-strategy-coverOne of the key goals of uImagine is to incubate new ideastechnologiespedagogies and practices for online learning. The concept of incubation is an incredibly important part of the innovation process but it is often neglected. Creating an environment for innovation to flourish requires a space for people to try out new ideas and concepts, to challenge the status quo and to experiment in a safe space. That is what our incubation program seeks to address.

The work done to develop the Online Learning Innovation and Incubation Strategy explored with stakeholders across the university about ways that they could be supported. The Strategy identified a range of innovation and incubation activities designed to achieve the following four key objectives:

  • Foster a Community of Innovation in online learning that involves our staff and students, businesses, education providers and local communities. Create a network for various stakeholders from within CSU and external partners to create a community around innovation that engages our talented community of staff and students which make them part of an innovation process within CSU that creates opportunities to harness their skills and knowledge.
  • Establish processes to develop our own Creative Solutions to the issues faced in online learning and teaching. Provide opportunities and methods of stimulating, capturing and seeking out new ideas around online learning within CSU. Identify the kinds of problems in online learning that need to be solved to improve student learning and teaching experience.
  • Promote the Adoption and Adaption of new technologies and practices in online learning. Nurture and support new ideas and technologies for possible uptake by a broader audience. Evaluate ideas by creating opportunities to pilot and trial new technologies and practices.
  • Develop Future Pathways for projects beyond the incubation stage. Promote ideas and practices developed within CSU to a broader audience and provide channels for communicating and sharing ideas. Scale Up ideas by developing pathways for future development, mainstreaming, commercialisation and growth of viable technologies, systems and practices.

These areas have helped define uImagine’s ongoing role and future projects.