Held on the 12 September 2018

Wagga Wagga Council Chambers

Meeting Room, Corner of Baylis & Morrow Streets

This event provided a forum to explore the next wave of technologies – DronesAugmented & Virtual Reality.

A panel of local & national experts helped demonstrate the potential of these new technologies & how they will effect our lives. The speakers also provided an opportunity for those in attendance to get hands on with the technology and speak with the experts.

Drones, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are becoming more and more embedded in our everyday digital life. The panel presented on industry innovations in agriculture, aerospace, education and creative practices.


Malcolm Gregory – Strategic Futurist, Condor 9

Malcolm is a Strategic Futurist. Since 1984 he has used a combination of systematic, evidence-based approaches to long-future planning. His wide-ranging business expertise combined with his background in Astrophysics, Metallurgy and management underpins his commitment to his clients. Malcolm strives to help organizations of all sizes, create positive change and better futures for their stakeholders. Come and hear where Malcolm thinks the future might take us!

Lochie Burke – CMO & Co-Founder, JAR Aerospace

Strategic Futurist, Condor JAR Aerospace, specializes in the design and manufacturing of highly technical Unmanned Aerial System platforms (i.e. Drones). Lochie has a deep understanding of unmanned systems, their commercial and military applications and the relevant regulations.  He’ll share how drones are being used in areas from agriculture to emergency services and perspectives on the ethics, challenges and regulation in the rapidly growing field.

Damien Whiffen – Technical Services Manager, Essential Energy
Uber, Amazon, aerospace, utilities and agriculture. Drones are being used as never before and they come in many different guises and sizes as well. One of our experts this evening, Damien, is responsible for “all things” drone at Essential Energy including: operations, governance, training and future innovations. Come and see the role digital drone technology is playing today and tomorrow in delivering utilities to our homes and businesses.

Alexandra Young –Co-Founder, Awe.Media

With over 20 years in the field of emerging technologies, and 12 years working in the Augmented and Virtual Reality spaces, Alex will take you on a journey to explore the possibilities of the digital world. As the co-founder of Awe Media, she has a passion to create experiences that are accessible and simply “Awesome” for all! Her enthusiasm and energy are fuelled by her knowledge and expertise in the ever-expanding field of digital experiences.


Dr. Natalia Bilton – Lecturer, CSU

Natalia, is a passionate about alternative approaches to teaching. She is constantly looking for new ways to engage learners in the complex worlds of human anatomy and physiology. Using tools like virtual reality, over the many years of her career, she has been able to deeply connect students with complex subject matter, in ways they don’t soon forget!


Clare Chapman – Associate Lecturer, CSU

Clare, is applying her many years of teaching with the use of virtual reality tools to research and improve teaching practice in the classroom and beyond. Currently at CSU, her students are lucky to experience her creativity as she brings extensive training from Australia and around the world, to lessons in learning, for future paramedics and pharmacists.


Andrew Hagan – Lecturer, CSU

Dedicated to the art and science of Animation and Visual Effects, Andrew uses his specialties as an international judge and co-director of the Australian International Animation Festival to research, support and bring us into the world of creative digital technologies. Andrew will weave together the wizardry of the virtual world, the augmented world and the world as seen through the eyes of drones to explore the impacts of living in today’s Digital Reality.


Dr. Mark K. Greco – Adjunct Senior Lecturer, CSU

Mark has set the Gold Standard for non-invasive imaging in insect behaviour and morphology. His ground-breaking discoveries and research allow us to discover, see and monitor, the intimate inside world of insects, their habitats and behaviours.  From the BBC televised program Metamorphosis to Sir David Attenborough’s Micro-monstersseries, Mark’s knowledge and expertise have been shared on the big screen. As the world’s first Diagnostic Radioentomologist Mark will show us how 3D imaging, can be used to learn about the secret world of bees and other insects.