Held on the 13 September 2018

CSU Wagga Campus

The Crow Bar

This event was a hands on experience with virtual reality using 3D headsets and apps, 3D games and augmented reality, and demonstrations of drone technology.

Students from the Wagga campus and visiting High School students had the opportunity to see the technologies, discuss career opportunities and discuss ideas about how these new technologies could be used to learn.

This expo also gave CSU Staff an opportunity to see the technologies in action, have a hands on experience and explore how it can be used in teaching and learning.


  • School of Communication and Creative Industries (Virtual Reality)
  • awe.media (Augmented Reality)
  • JAR Aerospace (Drones)
  • Essential Energy (Drones)
  • Anomaly Software (3D Games)
  • AgriTech Incubator (Innovation & Development)