Held on the 23 November 2017

CSU Wagga Campus

Building 29, Room 217

Alan Levine (aka Cog Dog) presented a public lecture on working beyond the Learning Management System and introduce his approach and toolkit for teaching and learning online and explored the concept of learning on the open web.

Lecture & Workshop

Alan will presented a public lecture on working beyond the Learning Management System and introduced his approach and toolkit for teaching and learning online.

For those keen to explore some of the tools and practices that Alan is famous for the lecture was followed on by a hands-on workshop. Alan introduced some of the tools he’s developed, including Better Calling Cards, SPLOT Image Collector, SPLOT Writer, SPLOTpoint, Syndication Course Hub, The Daily Blank and Open Assignment Bank. We then jumped into the process of setting these tools up and and had them running them for ourselves.

Alan’s sessions exposed all of us to some really innovative ideas and practices to liven up and change our concept of online learning. His interactive approach to learning not only provides a way to get students engaged but also helps them develop key digital literacies and skills.

Alan wrote up a great blog post of his time in Wagga – and the rest of the time he spent in Australia.


Alan Levine

Alan is widely recognised nationally and internationally for his expertise in the application of new technologies to educational environments that challenge practices, possibilities and expectations of teachers and learners alike. A pioneer on the web in the 1990s and an early proponent of blogs and RSS, Alan has shared his ideas and discoveries at CogDogBlog since 2003.

Alan has been part of many of the most innovative online education projects, not only teaching into them, but developing the tools and technologies that underpin them. From the DS106 Assignment BankFlickr CC Attribution HelperConnected Courses and SPLOTs. Alan has developed some of the tools that have changed the way many people can, and do, learn online.

Alan’s open approach to his work, prolific output and presence online has meant that he has a huge following of colleagues (and fans) that deeply respect his work, process and contribution to the web.