What is u!magine?

At u!magine we are a team of enthusiastic and inspired thinkers, working in the Division of Learning and Teaching at Charles Sturt University. We bring a variety of skill sets to:

  • solve educational challenges
  • create new learning opportunities for curious people
  • collaborate with our communities to achieve extraordinary results

u!magine is built around the concept of !magineering. We combine imagination and innovation to create possibilities. We work to actively shape the future of learning. u!magine is a think-tank for educational innovation, a catalyst for new scholarship in online learning, and a experimental laboratory for new educational paradigms and technologies. We love exploring new technologies and approaches to teaching practice, new ways of thinking about resources that enhance the learning process, and even the learning space itself!

Our Mission & Vision:


uImagine will promote and sustain high quality teaching and learning through innovative digital practice, scholarship, incubation and open pathways to benefit CSU and it’s regional communities.


uImagine brings together diverse internal and external partners to build ‘communities of innovation. We explore the application of new technologies, educational paradigms, and approaches to teaching practice. These explorations inform the design of learning resources, spaces and curriculum.

Through, the provision of online and open learning initiatives, we incorporate CSU’s values of insightfulness, inclusivity, inspiration and impactfulness into our daily work.

To achieve our mission we:

  • COLLABORATE with CSU and our external partners to foster digital innovation.
  • CREATE opportunities to explore, incubate, and design innovative teaching practices and learning experiences.
  • CURATE and share best practice and research in innovative teaching and learning.
  • LEAD innovation and open pathways in education through engagement at regional, national and international levels.