Introducing DLT’s Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr Zeynep Taçgın

Dr Zeynep Taçgın has worked in the field of education technology for more than 10 years.  She has taken leave as a Lecturer at Marmara University, Turkey to join the Division of Learning & Teaching, CSU as a Post-Doctoral Fellow for this year.  Zeynep has been working for five years with, and conducting research on, virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies and their usage in education.  This has involved the design and development of virtual environments to support teaching and learning, and she is also particularly interested in the use of mixed reality technologies to support distance education.  Her fields of interests include educational, wearable technologies; innovative learning environments; technology integration in education; education management and policies; distance education; augmented reality; virtual reality; simulations; and instructional design and resource development.

While undertaking her post-doctoral fellowship at CSU, Zeynep is working on a number of projects including:

  • writing a book on mixed reality
  • developing a taster course for teachers/trainers on developing Mixed Reality (MR) learning materials without the need for coding
  • researching how to design the best types of VR environments to promote learning outcomes
  • working on a CSU project using 360 interactive video to support biomedical lab work
  • working to extend a proposed instructional design model into products of VR (which arose from her PhD on surgical simulation in Turkish) and also create a simulation of the same learning scenario (this time in English) using AR instead of VR that consists of a machine learning algorithm to provide constructed feedback.

Zeynep is also interested in engaging with the Wagga Wagga community about all things VR and AR. Zeynep recently presented at the Australian International Animation Festival (pictured above with Andrew Hagan, Lecturer in Animation and Visual Effects at CSU – read the full story Australian International Animation Festival 2019 returns to Wagga’s Forum 6 Cinema by Daina Oliver, May 16 2019)

Upon moving to Australia from Turkey, Zeynep also presented at the ACODE #newreality Immersive Learning Summit which was hosted by Griffith University in Brisbane from January 31 to February 1 2019.  Her quick-fire presentation was titled ‘Quick glance of MR Activities in Turkey’.

To learn a little more about the Zeynep’s work, here is a list of a few of her publications and presentations.


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