Open Educational Resources (OER) University: Making Education Accessible For All

uImagine was very fortunate to have Wayne Mackintosh, UNESCO / ICDE Chair in OER and Director of the OER Foundation, present a session about his work with OERu.  Wayne is a strategy innovator with a passion for open sourcing education.

The OERu makes education accessible to everyone.  Coordinated by the OER Foundation, OERu is an independent, not-for-profit network that offers free online courses for students worldwide.  OER Foundation and it’s partners provide affordable ways for learners to gain academic credit towards qualifications from recognised institutions.

The work of OERu is underpinned by the following core values:

  • free learning opportunities for all students worldwide;

  • affordable assessment services towards credible credentials;

  • open source (planning, processes, technology and learning materials);

  • strategic philanthropy; and

  • sustainable education futures.

The idea behind OERu is that partner institutions offer free university-level online courses, and students are given provision to submit assessments (in their own time) when they are ready to have their learning recognised for formal academic credit.

View Wayne’s presentation here, and then read on…


Participants in this session were particularly taken by the open source infrastructure that Dave Lane, the OER Foundation’s Open Source Technologist has established to support OERu courses.  This diagram represents Dave’s next generation digital learning environment (NGDLE): 

Dave Lane’s illustration of OERu’s NGDLE. Source:

For a comprehensive account of Dave’s thinking behind the development of this stack and more, I highly recommend you read his 2018 update on the OERu Technology Stack. 

Wayne was an entertaining and gracious presenter. ‘Open’ is clearly part of his DNA!


Contributed by:

Lyn Hay, Senior Lecturer & Online Learning Innovation Leader, uImagine, Division of Learning & Teaching, Charles Sturt University



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