Learning in the Open

uImagine hosted Adam Brimo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, OpenLearning as a guest presenter for our weimagine:Open season at the end of last year.

OpenLearning as a platform, learning community, and business model as an education provider, is challenging the way people from all ages and backgrounds can gain access to educational opportunities. The OpenLearning philosophy, which governs the design of the platform’s student and teacher experience is based on the educational foundations of:

  • student empowerment, to foster deeper learning through intrinsic motivation;
  • authentic, active learning experiences which go beyond publishing content; and
  • community and connectedness, to provide a social platform with the best support, encouragement, knowledge sharing, and engagement.

In this session, Adam presented his perspective on what ‘learning in the open’ looks like, and identified new and emerging trends in the open learning sector.

We invite you to view Adam’s presentation and encourage you to ask questions or add any comments in the Comments section below.


The Open Learning Story

In 2012, Adam Brimo joined David Collien and Professor Richard Buckland to found OpenLearning, a student-centred online social learning platform with a vision to provide access to quality education globally.  Since then, OpenLearning has become an Australian entrepreneurial success story with over 1.7 million students from over 180 nations taking short-courses, blended learning, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).  OpenLearning works with some of Australia’s top universities, government institutions, and teacher associations.  In Malaysia, OpenLearning is the official platform provider for the world’s first nationally coordinated MOOC initiative known as MalaysiaMOOC.

Charles Sturt University is one of OpenLearning’s featured institutions.  Professor Val Peachey’s blog post in this series about tasters as part of CSU’s Open Pathways program provides an outline of CSU’s use of OpenLearning.


Contributed by:

Lyn Hay, Senior Lecturer & Online Learning Innovation Leader, uImagine, Division of Learning & Teaching, Charles Sturt University


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