Become a Digital Online Learner in 2019

Have you been thinking about studying online but not sure if you have the basic skills? Are you a little bit afraid of the technology? Do you wonder how to fit study in with your busy life? If you answered yes to just one of these questions, then this free online course is something you might want to explore! It’s been designed for people just like you, who aren’t sure about the “ins, outs and requirements” of online learning.

What are the course aims?

This online course is designed to support you, the learner, anywhere at anytime to explore what it means to learn online. You will develop the skills, habits and attitudes required to make online learning a success in order to confidently embrace taking an online subject – even an entire online degree! The course is purposefully generic – in other words it is not focused on a particular learning platform or one way of doing something online. Watch the promotional video below to learn more.

What will you do?

In this course you explore online learning, investigate digital literacy, technologies and tools, to boost your success as an online learner. You will review and develop your digital, online learning skills with hands on activities. You also have an opportunity to build your online identity, engage with other learners and demonstrate your learning in a fun scrapbook challenge!

The course is designed for you to start anytime and it allows you to work at your own pace. After successfully completing all four modules (roughly about 40 hours) you will receive your certificate of completion.

How do you participate?

The course is run using the Open Learning platform to allow interested participants from anywhere in the world to join in. It launched in mid-August, 2018 and is ongoing.

Join this course by registering through the Become a digital online learner landing page.

Contributed by:

Julie Lindsay, Open Pathways Design Leader, uImagine, Division of Learning & Teaching, and Adjunct Lecturer, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University

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