Big Data community event in Wagga

Is Big Data the future, the solution or the problem?

This was the question posed to community representatives in the agriculture, health, transportation and IT industries. On April 11, 2018 u!magine held its first community event in Wagga Wagga. The Wagga Wagga City Council donated the space and Pennie Scott, Editor at Large of the Wagga Weekly, moderated the panel discussion. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and respond to comments through the creative use of Zeetings (an interactive presentation tool), and those who could not attend in person were able to watch the livestream.

Mulitple choice poll responses


Results of the poll asking the audience to answer the question being asked of the panel

The audience were also asked to contribute to a word cloud activity by sharing one word they would use to describe what they believed to be the biggest issue or concern regarding ethics and big data. 52% of the audience identified privacy issues as their greatest concern, followed by security, control, confidentiality, lack of regulation, integrity and transparency, to name a few.

The concluding question asked of the panel and audience was, “How would you like to see data being used for good in your organisation?”. Responses included:

  • To help support global understanding of the use of data
  • Easily accessible outside office/onsite jobs
  • To support better learning and student agency
  • To advocate for positive communities
  • Evidence based evaluation of processes and their fitness for purpose
  • To help people
  • Right service for the right business using ABS data
  • The base for evidence based analysis to improve efficiencies, lower costs and target new opportunity
  • To empower employees and customers
  • Careful compilation through lens of ethics
  • Improve educational activities
  • Better stock control and ability to create promotions
  • Delivery of high quality of service, shorter waiting times, better self services
  • To enrich the lives of the community, enhance liveable and amenity

Evaluations from the 60 participants were all positive and indicated a good interest for our next event on technology and its impacts on various industries in the Riverina, as captured by one participant:

“It was a super event – great to see good numbers and a high level of engagement from the audience! I loved the mix of presenters and the way they stuck to the topic of data. Technology use was also great. I think the work u!magine is doing is setting a high-quality bar for other areas of the Wagga CSU campus to engage with the community – together we have so much knowledge to share to promote positive change with these collaborations.”

Further detail about the event including panel speaker bios.


Contributed by:

Lyn Hay, Senior Lecturer & Online Learning Innovation Leader, uImagine, Division of Learning & Teaching, Charles Sturt University

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